Fixing an increase

For the sleeve increases on Rusted Root, I’ve been using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s easy shmeasy method of increasing because 1) They are easy, 2) I am lazy, and 3) I actually kind of like the little hole created by the increases…. I think it goes well with the airy lace pattern on the front. (Again, I could just be saying this because I am lazy.)

As easy as these increases are, though, I STILL MANAGED TO MESS THEM UP. Well, one of them. Once.

Can you see it???(If not, click the photo to see the note in Flickr.)

Will I fix it?

Luckily, I had just ripped down 30 rows and picked up a missing stitch somewhere else on the sweater, so my confidence has been boosted. Also, I just found this AWESOME knitting help site, TechKnitting.Blogspotcom (here is a link to the site index), created by one seriously talented (and generous, and artistically gifted) knitter in Wisconsin. She has a whole article on how to move an increase, so I ripped back down to the stitch, flipped the loop, picked up all my stitches, and all is right with the world.

I fixed it!

I love the internets!

*See the videos on here: M1A (Make One Away) and M1T (Make One Towards).

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