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Mystery Solved

I think I figured out what happened to my Busted Root(TM)! The yarn released A LOT of dye into the wash (which I’ve heard is common – it’s even printed on the label (which I didn’t read until after this … Continue reading

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I’m in!

Ravelry username: funessa

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Erm, I think we have a problem

Last night I soaked my Rusted Root in Soak(TM) and then squeezed it dry (I tried not to ring it dry), then rolled it in a towel, and placed it on the floor to block. Then this morning I set … Continue reading

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Splurging on sock yarn

A couple weeks ago AnxiousDog let me in on a little secret. You can actually check your Ravelry status! They’re inviting about 100 people a day, so as of today I only have about 3 more days to go! Thinking about … Continue reading

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What it’s like having curly hair

This morning I had a funny little convo with a coworker. Coworker: “Is your hair naturally curly?” Me: “Yes.” Coworker: “My daughter’s hair is naturally curly too.” Me: “Oh, she’s so lucky!” Coworker: “Yah, but you know what they say … Continue reading

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My friend Amy called me up yesterday just as I’d turned on our new Roomba. “Whatcha doing?” “I’m Roombaing!” “Um, doesn’t that mean you’re not doing anything?” “Yes! I love it!”

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