How’s it look?

I was finally able to take Rusted Root off the needles and try it on for size. It’s still too early to tell whether it will fit, and at this point there’s NO WAY I’m re-doing it, even if it doesn’t fit. Maybe I can just steek the sides? (She says, as if she knows what that means…)

The sleeves aren’t poofing like I thought they would, but I’m hoping that’s because A) it hasn’t been blocked yet (isn’t that the solution to every knitting mystery?) and B) because it won’t have the right shape until it’s actually knitted, and not just held together by a spare piece of yarn.

We have the whole week off from work this week (woot! woot!), so I may even be able to finish it soon! (Maybe.)

p.s. Pleeeeeease note my uber dorky over-glasses-sunglasses that I scored at Rite-Aid last month. Those suckers were $20 (!!!) but I absolutely love them. They’re so way dorky, but they have saved my hide this summer. Plus, they’re so big, I never lose them!

p.p.s. Speaking of all things big, pleeeeease notice our ginormous tent in the background! I! love! it! You can STAND UP in it. Isn’t that insane? We were ALMOST going to go backpacking this weekend, but at the last minute I talked T into going car-camping instead so I could bring all of life’s luxuries, including my knitting and that redonk tent.

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2 Responses to How’s it look?

  1. Katherine says:

    Dude when I saw this on my phone, I thought you were going to say that this was done! I was going to get really jealous! But looks great so far.

  2. geniphyre says:

    I’m knitting this same top, and I saw your pictures on flickr. I like how yours is coming along so far.

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