Knitted doll

My step-niece is turning 4 next month and I really want to knit a little doll for her. It all started when I saw this Lulu Doll at Fireworks (in SeaTac Airport, of all places!) last week:


Originally I was just going to get it, but then I thought, I cannot bring myself to BUY knitted gifts (just like I can’t buy knitted scarves). It’s just not right.

So I did some Googling and found the Bliss doll:


And she’s cute and all, but then I started thinking, how cute would it be to make a little knitted doll with a little cardi and make a matching cardi for my niece??? So I found the Amy Doll (with patterns for a cardigan, sundress, and hat!) and I think she’s the one (just look at her KNEES)! (Her hair, btw, is craft fur, not real hair… as I initially thought….. hopefully I can find some blond fur to match the little toehead):


Now the real issue………. I’m 75% done on my Rusted Root, and it’s TOO BIG! (I’ll post a photo tonight.) So I think I might break my Vow of Monogamous Knitting and start this project instead (because I have a deadline). And in the meantime, I’m seriously considering…

A) Selling Rusted Root (ha!) and knitting another.
B) Trying to figure out how to take in the sides (and sleeves) a bit.
C) Sending it in and getting it professionally altered.

Ah well. Live and learn.

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