A conversation with a coworker earlier today:

Coworker: ..Well, at least Boeing’s doing well. Maybe all the Microsofties can go work there.
Me: Boeing’s doing well? When did that happen?
CW: You didn’t hear? Don’t you watch the news?
Me: No.
CW: Oh. Well, they are. They’re gonna kick Airbus’s ass!
Me: God. What kind of a name is Airbus? Who wants to spend any more time on a bus than they have to?

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3 Responses to Airbus

  1. Rich says:


  2. funessa says:

    The buses in Seattle suck!

  3. Rich says:

    One day recently, a normal (i.e. totally confused) air traveler at ORD approached me and told me the he was flying on Airbus airlines flight 1559 to Las Vegas. You can imagine my delight when I told him that Airbus made the airplane and he’d have to come up with the name of his airline in order for me to be able to help him. He immediately turned and walked away. This is not an unusual type of encounter for any airport employee.

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