Finally, a non-knitting-related post!

I think I overloaded WordPress. Let’s try this again!

I oscillate between making this solely a knitting blog and making this MY blog (thus writing about knitting and other crafty stuff I do, and then all the random miscellaneous stuff that happens to me in life). But the problem with making it just a knitting blog is that I don’t have THAT MUCH TO SAY about knitting, and I’m not a super fast knitter so all the posts would be about the same project for a month (or more!). And the problem with making it blog about everything is that some people don’t want to read about knitting, and other people don’t want to read about the other stuff. But today I’m thinking, this is my blog, so I’ll do whatever I want. 🙂

And today I want to share some exciting non-knitting content with you! Photos of our recent bathroom remodel!! (Can you stand it?) First, a little background. I moved in with my dear, sweet boyfriend a year after we started dating (ooh, how scandalous!). He had bought an old house a year prior, and he was working on getting in a “livable” condition before he asked me to join him. Finally, he realized he’d probably never be done and invited me anyway. 🙂 In the four years I’ve been there we’ve done a TON of work on it (remodeled the kitchen, added 2 decks, built a new front porch, painted the exterior and interior, ripped out all the junipers out front, added raised beds in the garden, and much more (not counting all the work T did before I got there)). And really, this is an amazing feat, because if I had had my way, I’d be sitting in that dump on a pile of FINISHED SWEATERS, but T is incredibly driven (and insane?) and really busted some moves to get the house looking the way it is today. Out of all the projects we’ve done, I think the bathroom remodel has definitely been the most rewarding. Well, it’s a close second to our kitchen. …seen here:


I think the reason I love our bathroom remodel so much (not because it was FUN!) was because we worked together on picking out everything (bathtub, floor tiles, wainscotting, toilet, medicine cabinet, sink, light fixtures, etc), and EVERYTHING is new, and everything is just what I wanted. It’s perfect. Looking back, I cannot believe it looked like this for all those years (and that we didn’t do this sooner!):

Bathroom - before

Now, this is probably where I should tell you all the important details like…. that this project took almost a year (the bulk of the work was actually done last summer, but the wainscotting, painting, and finishing work took a little longer than expected), that at one point we were showering outside (!), that one day we spent almost FOUR HOURS at Home Depot deliberating over a toilet and that when we finally picked one out our friendly associate almost fell to his death off the 30′ ladder carrying it down from the highest shelf in the store, that our cat came by and circled the floor EVERY DAY for her “daily inspection,” that T had to go UNDER THE HOUSE (where spiders live!) to plumb the tub and shower, that this was the first time that I’d ever “mudded” a wall or grouted a floor and I was GOOD at it, and finally, that about 2 months after we THOUGHT we were finished, a bottle of perfume jettisoned out of the medicine cabinet and CRACKED THE SINK, thus forcing us to not only drudge back to Home Depot and buy a new one, but uninstall the old sink, paint where we’d been too lazy to paint before, and spend twice as long installing the new one. But I won’t go into all that now. Instead, I’ll just show you pretty pictures!





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4 Responses to Finally, a non-knitting-related post!

  1. jolynna says:

    Your bathroom looks great.

    I gotta say though, I absolutely, totally, love, love, love your kitchen. Wow!

  2. Kate says:

    I’m with Jolynna, LOVE the kitchen!!! The bathroom is beautiful too. It looks so easy to remodel, but after hearing your stories, I realize it’s not!

  3. mike says:

    looks amazing. tell tim i’m completely impressed.

    hey, what is the name of the tile above the kitchen counter? i would love to have a shower out of that stuff.

  4. Janet says:

    I too love the kitchen, but am amazed at the bathroom re-do! It is gorgeous and yet looks better suited to the house than the original bathroom.

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