Splurging on sock yarn

A couple weeks ago AnxiousDog let me in on a little secret. You can actually check your Ravelry status! They’re inviting about 100 people a day, so as of today I only have about 3 more days to go!


Thinking about this, and realizing that soon everyone will be able to see my pitiful yarn stash (full of Lion Brand Wool-Ease, fun fur, and thrift store yarn), prompted me to splurge on some sock yarn from Etsy this morning. Also, I’ve nearly completed 3 projects since my Jaywalkers, and I don’t love any of them as much as I love my Jaywalkers. AND I’ve been thinking I need a small project to carry around to knit during those in-between moments. We ran some errands last weekend and at the last minute I brought the doll sweater I was working on and I ended up knitting on it for an HOUR while waiting around for T. It’s nice to have a small portable project you can carry anywhere – especially one that doesn’t require a lot of finishing!!

Anyway…. deciding on which yarn to get was agonizing! There are so many talented fiber artists out there! I searched “sock yarn” on Etsy and got almost 2,000 results! In the end, I decided to get some superwash Merino Wool from FearlessFibers:


I like the smaller gauge, the color, and it’s an XL hank (so I’m getting more for my money!). When I read the seller’s profile I decided I just HAD to support her mid-life crisis! 🙂

“My name is Deb, I live in Oregon, I’m 42 years old and am just coming out of the haze of what might be called a full-blown mid-life crisis. In the past three years, I left a long-term relationship, found a new mate and married for the first time, ditched a long-term thriving career, bought a little orange convertible, and started my own yarn business. My life today is a complete 180 from what it was three years ago. I can’t recommend a mid-life crisis highly enough! Try it for yourself and you may find happiness and contentment that you never imagined.”

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2 Responses to Splurging on sock yarn

  1. Katherine says:

    Congrats on the yarn! It’s beautiful! Seeing this screen shot makes me realize you might want to switch to FireFox! Not only is it wonderful compared to IE, but plays much nicer with Ravelry.

  2. Nora says:

    Oh, my! That yarn is gorgeous!

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