Erm, I think we have a problem

Last night I soaked my Rusted Root in Soak(TM) and then squeezed it dry (I tried not to ring it dry), then rolled it in a towel, and placed it on the floor to block. Then this morning I set it out on our deck to finish drying, since it was super sunny outside. Then this evening I went to check on it, and the neck, parts of the sleeves, and most of the top, were WAY darker than the rest of the sweater. ???

I immediately threw it in the wash, thinking maybe it had bled irregularly, and maybe I could soak the rest out of it?I threw some detergent in the wash and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Then I took it out and ran it under the shower for 10 minutes. Then I squeezed it dry, rolled it in a towel, set it out to block, and you can STILL see the irregularities.

So, now, what do you think? Should I rinse it some more? Is it ruined? Do I need to dye it another color?


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3 Responses to Erm, I think we have a problem

  1. Rich says:

    Were there paper bands around the yarn when you bought it? Did the bands have lot numbers on them? If there were bands and you still have them, check to see if they were all from the same lot. Different lost could explain variations in the shades of the yarn.

  2. vannie says:

    Bummer V! I hope you can fix it.

  3. lauren says:

    perhaps you could contact the manufacturer? check out grumperina’s post on her issue with a schaeffer yarn…
    ps. love your rusted root! i am half way finished with mine, but i am questioning the sleeve poofiness…

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