Hi! Welcome home! Now pet me!

We went camping at Mt Rainier this weekend had a beautiful day of hiking in the meadows yesterday and then met up with some friends at the Morton Loggers Jubilee today and I FINALLY finished T’s flyfishing gloves on the way home and then I got home and checked email and found out that a dear (I *seriously* originally typed that as “deer”) friend is coming out to visit in November and I’m planning a surprise for T (ssshhhhh!) and I’ll post about all that and share pics tomorrow, but tonight I’m tired and we still haven’t unpacked and so I’m just going to share this with you.

This is how Trixie greets us after we have been gone for a while. She runs up to us, then falls to the ground and rolls over and over and over and over and over until we pet her. She. is. a. dog.

p.s. Please cast your gaze away from that unsightly hole in the bricks. They’re the bottom of our planter box and I honestly just noticed those as we were pulling away from the house on Friday and thought, “I wonder if those look as bad as I think I do.” And then I took this photo and yah, they really do look that bad. Oh well. That’s the way it goes with this house. You pick your battles.

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