Save the Car Kebab!

My uncle forwarded me an email the other day warning me that the Car Kebab in Berwyn, IL (immortalized in “Wayne’s World”) was at risk of being demolished to put up a new Walgreens!! I quickly forwarded the email to my brother (who in high school drove out to the “sculpture” just to see if he could find it, and who today owns one of those Sell-Your-Stuff-on-Ebay stores) and he immediately wrote me back and said that he’d already contacted the mayor of Berwyn to see if he was interested in selling it on Ebay through his store!!

Chicagoland residents (emphasis on land there!) and fans of “Wayne’s World” may recognize this sculpture.


I guess technically it’s called a Spindle and you can get your Save the Spindle t-shirt here!

You can read about the history of this bizarre sculpture on the Roadside America web site, and you can also see browse their map to find roadside attractions near you!

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One Response to Save the Car Kebab!

  1. Rich says:

    I’ve seen that sculpture. I saw it on a winter day some years back. It was a Sunday, and I was going to Berwyn to see Gorky Park, a Lee Marvin movie which is set in Moscow in the winter. The heating unit in the Berwyn Theater was inop that day, so ticket prices were reduced.
    Talk about feeling like you were right where the action was, the temp in the theater was around 50 degrees F. That’s a nice temperature on a day in March after living through a Chicago winter. But when you’re inside in December and you’re watching Gorky Park, it’s cold. Thanks for the memories, Ness.

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