Where do I even start?

OK, so I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I finished T’s custom fly-fishing gloves, and although these were technically a pretty simple knit, it took me MONTHS to finish them! It’s at times like this that I realize knitting is more mental than physical. And once I get frustrated by, or disenchanted with, a project, I pretty much set it down and just want to forget about it. (The real issue I had with these was a “design challenge” from my “customer”… he wanted open holes on the finger pads of the middle fingers, but after some serious thought I realized this just wasn’t going to work and knit 1/2 fingers instead. Then it was just a lot of measuring to knit all the other fingers to length. Not hard, just time consuming.) But this past weekend I decided I was just going to FINISH THEM, and once I started it only took about an hour (or so) to weave in all the ends (thank god I took that finishing class last month!). They’re a perfect fit and T just loves them.

T's fly fishing gloves

One of the main reasons I was so determined to finish these was because I had promised myself I’d try and be a Monogamous Knitter a while back, and even though I had knit that Amy Doll (she had a deadline I couldn’t miss!) and started a pair of Monkeys (socks aren’t cheating, right?), I really wanted to finish these before I started another BIG project.

Like a Rusted Root.

See, last week I ordered more yarn (Merino Style from KnitPicks) to knit a second Rusted Root, because I didn’t know that I’d be able to fix Busted Root….

No Longer Busted

(I was able to rinse out the excess dye after 3 washes in the washer and a loooong soak in the sink.) Truth be told, though, I’m not a HUGE fan of cotton sweaters, and although I like this orangey rust color, it’s not my fave. So I ordered some KnitPicks Merino Style as long as I was getting some books during their 40% off sale. I was suuuuuper excited about it because the color looked great on the web site:


Isn’t it pretttty? I kept emailing it to my friends and showing it off and they’d suggest another color like Moss or Asparagus, and I’d write back and say, “No! Those are too green! I hate green!”

So IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when the yarn came today and it was KELLY GREEN!!!!

ACTUAL color of the yarn
(I altered the photo to show the true color of the yarn.)

I’m just a little bit ticked off about this, but I should know by now that you don’t buy yarn sight-unseen when you want a kick a*s sweater (and you probably don’t use KnitPicks yarn, right?). Luckily I ordered other yarns to make a Mini Clapotis, some gloves, and a February Baby Sweater, and that yarn all looks great. I think I’m going to cast on for a February Baby Sweater tonight for a friend’s baby who’s due in a few weeks.

(Here’s a pic of the yarn I’ll be using, modeled by my lovely assistant (who never wants her picture taken unless I’m taking a photo of something else entirely).)

Indigo Heather

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One Response to Where do I even start?

  1. Janet says:

    I totally understand the disenchantment with the color! It is so . . . . GREEN!! 🙂

    You already know how much I love the gloves and the Rusted Root! 🙂

    That dark violet/blue with Trixie is gorgeous!

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