From the Edmonds Farmers Market

We walked down to the Edmonds Farmers Market on Saturday to pick up some kettle corn and flowers for a friend’s birthday (the kettle corn was for me…) and I spotted this booth full of skirts and bags made out of Amy Butler fabrics (!!!). I nearly screamed with delight when I saw all the gorgeous fabrics, and the vendor was so impressed that I recognized the designers. Wow, you really know your fabrics, she says to me. Not really… I just know Amy Butler. So she showed me all her favorites and we chatted for a good 20 minutes about how she got started and it turns out she works full-time and then does the local farmers markets on the weekends. She was so generous and inspiring. And her excitement for sewing was infectious! So I bought this beautiful reversible bag and I may try my hand at making one of her wrap-around skirts. (After all, the summer is almost over, and I still haven’t sewn a skirt!)

Anyway, here’s my new bag… ain’t it the cutest?

From the Edmonds Farmer's Market

From the Edmonds Farmer's Market

I also got this cute little hat for my niece:

From the Edmonds Farmer's Market

And a bouquet of Dahlias for our friend:

From the Edmonds Farmer's Market

We walked through the rest of the market and picked up a bushel (?) of huge peaches, and then on the way home we stopped at the local bakery and got some day-old cinnamon rolls (which we ate this morning) and a loaf of wheat bread (and I carried it all in my new bag!).

I so, so appreciate being able to support local merchants and farmers and artisans.

(We picked up this glass mosaic frame from the EFM earlier this year… just before the artists relocated to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.)

New frame & drapes

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2 Responses to From the Edmonds Farmers Market

  1. What a fantastic Farmers Market visit. I wish I got to our local ones more frequently, especially the Saturday one which has lots more crafty stuff (although the peaches are on my list of favourite things right now too).

  2. Kate says:

    Wow that bag is adorable! I think I’d carry the pattern out always.

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