Finally! I feel like a knitter… and a blogger… or at least a blog stalker…

Last night Janelle and I met at Tricoter for their Cashmere & Cocktails special. (They had gotten in all these new cashmere yarns for the fall and wanted to share them with their customers, while holding a 10% storewide sale, AND offer free wine & cheese for the event – I’m so there!) I had planned on picking up a ball or two of some chunky cashmere and making a replacement rollbrim cashmere hat for T. (I knit him one about 4 years ago, and it ended up being too short, but for SOME inexplicable reason I threw the rest of the ball away before I was able to fix it — I really try not to save anything, but I probably could have held onto a nubbin of yarn in this case!)

We walked in and I wasn’t sure what to expect (the store is, as Janelle pointed out, right across from a custom kitchen cabinetry store and a Botox clinic) but all the staff was SUPER helpful and their love of, and appreciation for, good yarn was really infectious. We decided to pass on the cashmere, though ($55/ball? No thank you…), and focused our efforts on sock yarn instead. (I’m not much of a packrat, so I don’t have much of a yarn stash, but I recently decided that sock yarn is always a good purchase because the colorways can sell out quickly, and you always know what you can knit out of them (unlike 6 random balls of this or that you may pick up on sale).)

Anyway! So we’re fondling all the Socks That Rock yarn and I find a beautiful colorway called January One. Could it be that this beautiful sock yarn is dyed for and named after one of my favorite knitting blogs? (The saleswoman wasn’t sure, but Cara has a well-documented love of STR so I wouldn’t be surprised.) So I snag a skein and Janelle picks up a skein of Ruby Slippers and then a sales woman comes over and asks us if we’ve heard of another amazing sock yarn, by Handmaiden? Um, yah! Twisted Knitter just posted some gorgeous sock yarn she got from them on Flickr. Crazy! (Unfortunately they don’t have the yarn in yet, but they’re getting 5 new yarns in 10 different colors (apparently the biggest shipment of that yarn ever) and will be receiving it in a couple weeks (again, I’m so there!).)

So THEN we pay for our yarns and pull up a seat at a table FULL of women knitting Monkeys! (!!!) I’ve never been knitting what other people are knitting! And I’ve never seen so many Monkeys (I really should have brought my camera… the store was beautiful and so were everyone’s socks). So we’re sitting there chatting about socks and this woman asks us if we’ve ever seen the Sidewinders socks. You mean Nona’s Sidewinders??? I love her blog too! At that point I think I started freaking out Janelle, and I kinda got the feeling that maybe I’m doing a little too much blog stalking and not enough knitting? But I also felt like I was finally a part of this little community! (Hopefully that doesn’t come off as sounding too Sally Field-y…)

Janelle asked me to wind her yarn for her on my swift, and I also went ahead and snapped a few photos of it so she could post it in her Ravelry stash – I actually took 56 photos of this stuff because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to capture the color of yarn correctly (having trouble with reds, greens, and blues especially… I think I may need a filter.) I looked up the yarns on the STR web site, though, and their photos of the colorways are not much better, so I don’t feel too bad.

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5 Responses to Finally! I feel like a knitter… and a blogger… or at least a blog stalker…

  1. elanknits says:

    Cashmere & cocktails night, sounds like heaven to me.

  2. angelanoel says:

    Hahaha. I feel like a blog stalker, too. I ran into someone last weekend at a fiber show who’s blog I’ve read for awhile (yet never commented on).

    “You’re Caroline! I read your blog! You have a cute kitty!!”

    Poor woman..

  3. Cara says:

    Yup! January One is my colorway (and Prove It All Night was named for me as well.) G Rocks was named for my wonderful husband.

    I hope you love the yarn as much as I do! Thanks for reading the blog!

  4. Rich says:

    Hi Ness: We like you, we REALLY like you.
    As for the photos, try adding some light from a source other than the flash unit on your camera. I’m sure that Tim has a “worklight” with a giant clip on it. Put a floodlight bulb into that and take a few pics. Compare them to pics you’ve been taking and you’ll see a difference. If you get shadows, use more than one light source to eliminate them.

  5. The yarn’s so pretty!! Mmmmmm… cashmere…. I just bought my first bunch the other day and am ECSTATIC.

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