Best! Weekend! Ever!

Oh my my my did I ever need this weekend. It was crazy busy and filled with good stuff. Friday night we went out with some coworkers and met at The Sloop, one of my favorite hangouts, just because you can get a beer the size of your head…

I had originally planned on cozying in there for the night but they we decided to head up the street for something a little “nicer” for dinner, so we put our names in at The Most Awesome Puerto Rican Restaurant (in Seattle? on the West Coast? Ever?) and then headed across the street to grab a drink (the Puerto Rican restaurant, while very awesome, is muy tiny and also did not have a bartender on staff that night). So we went to this place that I had previously thought I liked but ended up hating at 8:00 on a Friday night. It was soooo packed!!!!! Luckily the service was awesome and we got our drinks right away and actually got seats at the bar, but the whole time we were there we all joked about how “yuppified” this place had become and how it was never like this when WE lived in the city just a couple years ago…. Sheesh. So then yah, dinner was ahhhh-maz-ing and everyone loved what they ordered (T had the usual …he asked the waitress order “her favorite” and he ended up getting the same thing I did (tender, juicy chicken thighs slow cooked in a sofrito seasoned stew with olives, capers & potatoes) and loved it) and then we said goodbye to two of our friends and headed down the street for a nightcap. It was getting late, I was the Designated Driver and getting a bit sleepy and keeping an eye on the clock (had to wake up early to work on the fence!), when in walked AN ENTIRE GROUP OF PEOPLE dressed up as superheroes and villains. It was insane. I’m sure I totally pissed them off when I tried to identify them (I thought The Wolverine was Shredder and I thought some girl with a mask and cape was one of The Inredibles (she wasn’t)) but then we won them over when we offered them our table so they could all sit together (“Your good deeds will not go unpunished!” screamed the guy who apparently suffered from Voice Immodulation Disorder as the result of getting hit by a car when he was 3 (to which T replied, “My girlfriend suffers from that too!”)). So they were awesome and we had a great time just with them and then scheming how we could do something similar with our friends (even though NO ONE dressed up for Superhero Night at bowling last year… including us).

So then Saturday we woke up and worked on the fence all day and it was so strange. There was this big car show going on “downtown” and so everyone was parked on their street and walking into town and every third person decided to stop by and ask how things were going and comment on how nice it was going to look, and while I appreciate the neighborly chit-chat, it was really freaking hot and I also just kinda wanted to either GET BACK TO WORK or get inside. Not really stand around and mingle. But whatever.

So I went inside for a bit to get some lemonade and I got a text message that our friends had given birth to their baby (future recipient of February Baby Sweater)! It was great timing, because my friend and I had just made plans to have lunch on Monday because she was getting so tired of just sitting at home and waiting around (…while I’m sad we won’t be having lunch, I’m very glad her baby is FINALLY here!). We made plans to see them this weekend, so hopefully I’ll have a present for the wee one (cross! fingers!).

THEN, on Saturday night I had dinner with my friend Irene from high school (and junior high) who I hadn’t seen in almost TEN YEARS!!! It was amazing. I was driving to the restaurant freaking out about what we’d talk about and trying to plan out all these conversations we could have and envisioning how we’d probably spend the entire time gossiping about everyone we went to high school with and this was the very reason I skipped my high school reunion last year, because I just don’t care about the gossip, but then as soon as I saw her it was like no time had passed at all. Except! She was pregnant!!! (And how much do I love that even though she was here vacationing with her husband, she gave up an evening to have dinner alone with me? I so appreciated that… you can catch up with someone so much better when you’re alone, and I didn’t realize until I saw her how much I missed her!!) It was so, so nice, and I cannot even begin to blog about it. So I won’t really. Except to say that I’m a total DOOF and forgot to get a photo of her! But I thought about it when I was driving home and I don’t know if this is a total cop-out, but I kinda didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, ya know? Like, I want to pretend I live in a world where I’d see this girl who now lives in St. Louis while I live in Seattle more than just once a freaking decade.

On Sunday we got up early and CONTINUED to work on the fence all day and it was still so hot and yah, it’s better than it being freezing cold and “raining sideways,” as my neighbor put it, but I was soooo done by that point. So in the afternoon we turned on the Seahawks game and we were just working in silence, enjoying the lack of distractions, when our neighbors from across the street stopped by with beers for us! I was so shocked. I had joked to T the day before that I really wished people would bring us sandwiches if they were going to stop and chit chat with us, and here these two brought us some frosty libations. It was very sweet.

So THEN! I came inside in the evening and started cleaning up (we’d totally abandoned all house work all weekend) and I noticed a big card sitting on the counter. ?? T said it had actually come a couple days ago, but I had just been so busy I hadn’t seen it. It was a card from my niece, thanking me for the doll I’d made for her. (I found out what happens when you make a doll in your own image…… It gets named after you.)




How cute is that???

Phew. So that was my weekend. It wasn’t totally crazy and we didn’t fly off to some remote island, but it was exactly, exactly what I needed.

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2 Responses to Best! Weekend! Ever!

  1. Janet says:

    WOW — what a fun-filled weekend!

    How awesome that you got that wonderful doll named after you! (The card is adorable)

  2. mike says:

    irene luc? i hope she’s doing great.

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