To the one who started it all

I’ve been doing more frogging than knitting lately. Both of my WIPs (Monkey socks and EZ’s February Baby Sweater) are lace-based, and I have just not had the concentration for either of them lately. So I was going to post some photos of what I had done to each of them, and how I had fixed them, but then I realized, today is Gramma’s birthday!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your love of knitting (and life!) with me. I would not be half the knitter (or person!) I am today without your love, guidance, and support.

I love you so much! (But you already know that.)



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2 Responses to To the one who started it all

  1. Rich Mateyko says:

    Vanessa, it was very nice of you to mention Gramma and her birthday. You know that she reads this now and then and you will have made her day when she stops in next time.

  2. Janet says:

    Happy belated birthday to Vanessa’s Gramma!

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