3rd time’s a charm!

I actually HAVE been knitting lately. A lot, actually. But nothing has been going right. I’m knitting a scarf that’s the wrong color, slippers that might be WAY TOO BIG (even after felting), a hat that’s TOO SMALL, and I’ve been fixing this sweater that I actually thought I finished LAST YEAR.

Here’s a photo of the sweater in question being worn shortly after gifting, and right before I snatched it back so I could fix the humungo sleeves and teeny tiny neckhole on it (I’m talking about the brown and blue one, of course).

I don’t know WHAT happened with this one. I usually stop paying attention when knitting the second of whatever it is I’ve knit, but in this case, I knit this one first and there was something wrong with EVERY SINGLE part of this sweater: neck, sleeves, stripes, and bottom (it kind of fits like a tunic, but at this point I’ve decided to not even address that issue).

I actually knit the sleeves 3 times!!!

1st time: I didn’t knit them in the round, so I totally ripped them out (looking back, I don’t know if I’d do this again).
2nd time: I re-knit them in the round, but I didn’t do the decreases correctly (so they ended up HUGE !), so I ripped them out.
3rd time: I re-knit them in the round, with the RIGHT amount of decreases.

(But of course, I didn’t knit them long enough, so I actually had to go back and add more stripes.)

(Funny thing is, I don’t even consider myself a perfectionist.)

Here’s kind of a before (bottom sleeve) and after (top sleeve) shot. I’m really glad I took the time to re-do these. Even if they are for a kid’s sweater.

Next it was time to address the teeny-tiny neckhole.

Come to think of it, I actually knit this 3 times too. First I knit it up but it was too small. Then I ripped out the last row and re-cast off more loosely, but that didn’t even help. THEN I ripped out the entire neck altogether, but just as I was getting ready to re-cast on the stitches, I noticed that I had actually ripped TOO MUCH out and a corner of my sweater was missing!

So, I had to completely rip out the brown stripe, then re-knit in my short rows, decreasing instead of increasing this time (it was originally knit from the top down) and then pick up the stitches in front to knit the turtleneck. Then I cast off SUPER SUPER loosely, and it is way bigger now.

I LITERALLY wove in all the ends and snapped in a few shots just as my friend arrived with her kids so we could go to lunch. She was nice enough to bundle them up in their sweaters, and judging from the little one’s face, I think this “new” sweater was a hit!



I almost have enough energy to go tackle some of my other knitting issues…. but maybe I’ll have a cup of hot cocoa first!

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  1. Rich Mateyko says:

    No Scotch in the house?

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