Portland yarn crawl

Things have been a bit crazy lately, and they’re about to get a little crazier (but in a good way – our good friends are flying in from Chicago this weekend, then we’re going to the Bears game Sunday (!!!), then Thanksgiving is next week, then my other friend is flying out the following weekend, and then before you know it it will be Christmas and even more insane). But! I cannot abandon my blog!

So! Last weekend! My friend Janelle and I went down to Portland for what we thought was going to the little-known Blue Moon Fiber Arts sale. We both have Fridays off so we drove down Friday afternoon (after we called AAA to get my keys out from my locked car! Doh!) and had ourselves a little yarn crawl in Portland. (Thanks, Stella!) We checked out a few stores and then headed over to Knit Purl, and we were both totally intimidated from the outside. It’s in this gorgeous old brick building in the Pearl District, and the storefront was full of gorgeous hand-knitted garments (it looked like a clothing store, not a yarn store). We were both ready to be snubbed when we walked in, but I’m so glad we went in. Everyone was so, so, so gracious. They knew all the customers’ yarn preferences, they took time to explain and SHOW you something if you had a question, one woman even ran out to her car to see if she had a pair of sold-out Addi’s I could buy (!!!), and they had the most beautiful selection of Japanese yarns I’d ever seen. (I resisted, but Janelle succumbed to the Habu.) (I’m definitely going back for some Shibui though. (Which I kept calling “Shibwee” like it was French or something!)) They stayed late with us to spin all our yarn on their electric yarn winder (it’s hooked up to a belt sander motor)…

Motorized yarn winder @ Knit Purl

… and by the end of the evening they had all Friend’d us on Ravelry. In all my 5 years of knitting, I have never had such a positive, fun, relaxing experience in a yarn store. (Strange, but true.) I will DEFINITELY be back!!!

So then on Saturday we woke up and drove out to Scappoose (?) to check out the Blue Moon sale. We ended up getting there a bit later than planned, and when we walked in there were already hoards of women (and men) with ARMFULS of yarn, grabbing every last skein they could get their hands on!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Most everything had already been picked through, so I was ready to turn around leave, but Janelle just hung out by the sock yarns and waited for people to drop off their rejects. We ended up doing pretty well for ourselves:

Our bounty
(Those 4 skeins on the left are mine. The rest are all Janelle’s. hehe.) 

By the end of the weekend, I had increased my stash by this much:

My purchases from Portland
(click for notes)

Oh! And I almost forgot!!! We also stopped at my most FAVORITE! McDONALD’S! EVER!!! Now, normally I’m not a fan of the franchise, but this McDonald’s is AWESOME. It has the most…. well, the most BIZARRE mural ever. Check it out.

Freaky McD's mural in Centralia
(What is that pink thing looking at? And the tree???? And what is Ronald DOING to that cow?)

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3 Responses to Portland yarn crawl

  1. Stella says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you liked Knit Purl. I’m always impressed at how it manages to be both swanky and cozy at the same time. Their Wall o’ Habu might be my first stop after the yarn fast ends. You picked up some gorgeous stuff!

  2. mike says:

    hell yes. that was a fun trip. i wish we had gps to help us find jo’s f’ing swampland property.

  3. Janelle says:

    I think that was one of my favorite vacations ever- and I have a TON of yarn to remember it by.

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