Stripey Raglan Sweater for me!

I FINALLY started my stripey raglan sweater for me. I was a little bummed that my first attempt at knitting a sweater (Busted Root) didn’t fit, but I’m trying to just learn from my mistakes and move on. (Lessons learned? Don’t knit a cotton sweater if you hate cotton sweaters (!!!) and knit to your measurements.)

I had originally wanted to replicate this striped sweater that I had bought 5 years ago from Urban Outfitters (which, sadly, was made out of acrylic, and I threw it away once it started falling apart). I knew I wanted to use Cascade 220 because it’s relatively cheap and the variety of colors is amazing (if not overwhelming). (Interesting observation here: 5 years ago I couldn’t imagine spending $80 on yarn to make a sweater, and now I plunk down the cash for another skein without blinking an eye. Granted, Cascade 220 is only around $8/skein, but I’ve also come to realize that it’s not about the money, it’s about the process. And if I can knit something I love that fits, then it’s worth it.)

So. I couldn’t find a photo of the original sweater anywhere, so I just kind of wung it when I was picking out colors in Acorn Street Yarns. T was with me and helped pick out some colors that would work, but then when I found the photo, I realized that we had been thinking about 2 totally different sweaters (???), and the one I was trying to mimic actually had more red and orange in it (and the one he was thinking of was purely a figment of his imagination, because I DO NOT remember having a sweater even vaguely resembling the one he was thinking about. But he insists I did. Curious…) So, I made a quick trip to Spin a Yarn last Saturday to pick up some reds and oranges. Unfortunately, they were closing up shop because of the snow and so I didn’t have a lot of time to peruse, and I ended up not really liking the red I picked out (too BRIGHT!), so I made a quick trip to Main Street Yarn during lunch on Tuesday last week and picked up a deeper red. THEN! I started to knit up the orange and didn’t like how bright *it* was, so I made a last-minute trip to Village Yarn & Tea on Thursday night, getting there just before THEY closed. Phew! Luckily, though, I think I FINALLY have my color palette (and I’m surrounded by great yarn stores!), and I really love the colors I have so far. I still need a bit of guidance in color theory to get them laid out correctly (T is actually very helpful here), but it’s also fun to just play around and see how it turns out. I can always rip it out if it’s not working (which I already have… apparently the eye does not register a huge difference between 6-row and 7-row stripes. Good to know.).

I cast on on December 1st and I slipped the sleeves onto stitch holders last night. I’m hoping to get this done by Christmas so I can wear it when I’m in Chicago, but I also don’t want to rush it and just enjoy knitting something for me.

(Oh, and I’m using the Knitting Pure & Simple raglan sweater pattern in Cascade 220 with size 7 needles. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn at 5 sts/in, but I’m using light worsted weight yarn at 5.5 sts/in, so I’m knitting it one size up. I REALLY hope these adjustments work out, but I tried it on last night and it looks like it JUST might fit. Cross fingers!)

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4 Responses to Stripey Raglan Sweater for me!

  1. ami says:

    I love how stripes look- I hate knitting them- more power to you. Yours are looking super cute so far. You are lucky to be so surrounded by awesome yarn stores. I love making the long drive over there for just that reason. Although I can’t complain because I live only a block away form an awesome LYS.

  2. Janet says:

    Looking at this sweater makes me HAPPY!! I love it so far and I think you will love it too.

    Love the stripe combos and the fact that the pink and purple will be closest to your face.

    *crossing fingers for you*

  3. Dad says:

    “wung it”? I went to grade school and high school with a guy who used “trun” for the past tense of “throw”, e.g., “he trun me the ball”. I thought he was the only person I’d ever know who made up words like that. I guess if the past tense of “swing” is “swung” then the past tense of “wing” must be “wung” and not “winged”. English majors, hmph!

  4. Gramma says:

    You’re doing a beautiful job getting the stripes so attractive and I can’t believe how nice the sleeves are working together with the body. You are so smart to be able to match everything together. I am so proud of you , and you will get it done to wear in Chicago. Love U, Gramma

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