It was a very good year.

For knitting, at least. I didn’t realize how much I knit in 2007 until I put this little mosaic together. It feels great to see all my projects nestled together, and to reflect on how many I actually FINISHED!

I started this year resolved to knit ONLY for myself, to finish what I started, and also to knit a sweater. I was only partially successful at knitting for myself (only about half of my FO’s were for me, but I truly enjoyed everything I knit for others), but I was able to finish most of my knits, AND to knit a sweater! And start a second. And two! pairs! of socks! And entrelac, which I had been wanting to try. I call that an overwhelming success.

I am still drawn to the smaller, simpler projects, and I don’t feel bad about it. I used to feel like less of a knitter because I wasn’t busting out cables or colorwork left and right, but I want to knit what I LOVE, and smaller projects work for me.

Looking ahead, I’m not sure what my knitting resolutions are for this year. I still want to try to knit for myself more, but I also have a ton of things I want to knit for others, so I guess my goal will just be to keep learning and knit what I love. And to not stress so much. (I have learned so much after having a mild panic attack in December.)

I also have a few ideas for my blog and my personal life, so I’m definitely looking forward to the new year. It doesn’t feel like as much of a NEW BEGINNING as last New Year’s did (I really went crazy with the resolutions last year!) but I’m excited nonetheless. I did not take *any* vacation days last year (OK, I took 1 day) with the intention that we would take a BIG vacation this year and then I’d still have some vacation time left over (instead of always being in the hole, like I usually am). So, if for nothing else, I’m looking forward to 2008 because I can finally take a VACATION again. I definitely need it.

Tomorrow marks my one-year blogiversary. And I have a little something up my sleeve to celebrate.

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4 Responses to It was a very good year.

  1. Kate says:

    Happy new years! And Happy blogiversary! 🙂

  2. van says:

    Happy Anniversary!! What, no post to mark the landmark ocassion?

  3. theherocomplex says:

    Happy blogiversay — and Happy New Year! Your projects are lovely!

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