…And the winner is!


(And a consolation prize will be given to my grandmother, who taught & encouraged me to knit all those years ago! (She no longer knits but still expressed interest in the stitch markers as a window decoration! How cute is that?!))

Note: The selection process was highly controlled. Each name was written onto a identically sized piece of paper, which was then folded uniformly, placed in the Winner Selection Box(TM), tumbled around, and then The Winner was drawn blindly by an objective bystander.

Thanks to everyone for participating in my little contest, and also for commenting on my blog and giving me some new blogs to check out. I had so much fun I’m inspired to do another giveaway!!!

Now, for a quick stripey raglan sweater update: It has been blocked and is now laying directly on top of a heating vent to dry. Although it may be moved to directly in front of the wood stove soon! It looks like it stretched a bit during the Soak(TM), but here’s hoping that it stretched down more than out.

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2 Responses to …And the winner is!

  1. Laura says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I never win anything (isn’t that what you are supposed to say when you win?)
    I will pick out my faves.

  2. van says:

    Can Trixie vouch for the validity of this drawing?

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