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Who do I look like?

Oh, this is too good. The other day, Staci posted her celebrity look-alikes, and I encouraged her readers to do the same. For YEARS now I’ve gotten tons of random comments from total strangers telling me that I look like … Continue reading

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And he says I’m the catty one

While listening to the radio on a road trip: “Now playing LESS hits MORE often!”                        . . . This morning while listening to NPR: “I thought people were abandoning the word ‘niche’ in favor for the word ‘niche.‘”                        … Continue reading

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I turned 30 this past Sunday and I am still REELING from this weekend’s festivities. I had such a spectacularly crappy week at work last week (a good work friend quit, I essentially report to my boyfriend now, and my … Continue reading

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I am psychic.

About babies, at least. Instance #1: Four years ago, my friend called me out of the blue, and I said, “What’s up? Are you prego?” Turns out, that’s the reason she was calling. She’d just found out she was pregnant … Continue reading

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I think these count as FO’s!

I probably won’t have another FO to show off for a while, so I wanted to take a minute and revel in these. First, I finished my Basic Sock over the weekend! I probably would’ve finished sooner, but I didn’t listen to the Yarn … Continue reading

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This blog post took me longer to write than any other I’ve ever written, and at this point, I can’t think of a clever title. Move along.

I had lunch with a friend on Sunday (we’d made the date before either of us realized it was the day of The Big Game — oops!) and I realized that morning that I didn’t have anything to knit! I’d just … Continue reading

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Oh hell yah!

That’s what I said when I finally finished this thing. When I posted yesterday about being nearly done with my Baby Bobbi Bear, I was only about half right. I still had to knit up his ears, sew them on, … Continue reading

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