Oh hell yah!

That’s what I said when I finally finished this thing.

When I posted yesterday about being nearly done with my Baby Bobbi Bear, I was only about half right. I still had to knit up his ears, sew them on, and embroider his face. And this ended up taking WAY longer than I would have liked. But on a small project like this, every little detail shows, so it’s best to do them right.

I was afraid he’d look a bit like a koala (which, as we all know, is not technically a bear) with the longer nose I stitched for him, but I think he turned out great. (After a couple failed attempts, the face area started stretching, so I just had to leave him be anyway.) I used some black wool scraps to embroider the face, so it’s not 100% machine washable (even though the main yarn and stuffing are). But I’m not too concerned, because, well, I didn’t have anything else to embroider with. So whatever. šŸ™‚

The ears were probably the trickiest part of this pattern, because they don’t really explain HOW to sew them on. They just say where. After close examination of the photo on the pattern, though, I realized that the ear will curl forward enough to hide the sewn-on stitches (very clever!). So I first whip-stitched the ear shut with a scrap end, then I took the other scrap end and whip-stitched the ear onto the head, centering on the 2 knit stitches. And it doesn’t look that bad. But I just think this was a little tedioius for a pattern targeted at the “experienced beginner.”

I think my favorite feature of this little bear is his butt! I wasn’t sure what was going on when I was knitting it (I didn’t even realize I was doing short rows!) but then I turned him around and squealed when I saw his little rump. The details like this really make the bear.

All in all, I’m just thrilled with how he turned out. It was a little touch-and-go there towards the end (centering the ears, eyes, and nose), and there was a bit more finishing than I would have liked, but it really is a clever pattern, and the good thing about a stuffed animal is you can just weave in the ends and then pull them inside and not even really have to worry about them. I’ll definitely be making this little guy again.

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3 Responses to Oh hell yah!

  1. mrstwigg says:

    oh! He is lovely. It is always nice to start the day with an accomplishment, and a cute one at that!

  2. Janet says:

    He’s huggable! That’s the most important thing . . . and I think you did a great job on his sweet face.

    BTW, you’ve been awarded!

  3. Dad says:

    Are you going to make the next one in Bears colors?
    Seriously, Ness, that’s a great stuffed animal and it will make some child very happy.

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