I think these count as FO’s!

I probably won’t have another FO to show off for a while, so I wanted to take a minute and revel in these. First, I finished my Basic Sock over the weekend! I probably would’ve finished sooner, but I didn’t listen to the Yarn Harlot. See, I originally started the toe decreases when she suggested, but then, in my caffeine-free (and rather sleepy) state, I started doubting her. And counting stitches. And I somehow convinced myself that I needed to end up with 32 stitches total, not 16 (this mistake alone cost me so many hours to fix). And it wasn’t looking right, according to my “fuzzy math.” So, I frogged it, knit up another inch, then knit the toe decreases, and I ended up with a super long sock. So, of course, I frogged it again.

This time, I listened to the Harlot. And it turned out perfectly. Just like she said it would.


Well, there was a bit of pooling. But you can’t win them all.


(These socks were photographing a lot redder than they really are. They’re actually a gorgeous (although rather unusual) mix of brown, maroon, olive, and lavender.)

(And can I just take a second to say how much I love The Yarn Halot? A friend of mine actually asked me last year if I wanted to see her while she was on tour, and I declined (!!!). At the time, I wasn’t reading her blog, I didn’t own any of her books, and I didn’t want to be a fake, or feel like I was missing out on all the inside jokes. So, I declined. But I was still intrigued. I’d heard of her, sure, even flipped through a few of her books, but I didn’t really know how to jump on the bandwagon. So (on Janet‘s recommendation, again) I picked up “Knitting Rules” and was immediately hooked. It’s not really a pattern book, but more of a “If I were going to knit one of these, this is how I’d go about it” type book. And she’s funny! Her style is refreshing, and she helps you take that leap from “knitter” to “designer.” (Not that this is even something that interests me, but it’s nice to have the know-how in my back pocket.))

Next up! I also knitted up a little Calla coaster with some Cascade 220 scraps while playing Scrabble on Saturday night. (I was still fighting with my sock at this point, and I needed something easy and mindless.)

At first I was excited about the stripes, but I really don’t like how “70’s” it turned out. But I love love love the pattern. I also think these would be cute if you knit them a little bigger in garter stitch, and then felted them? Or, I also like the idea of sewing some felt on the underside. I just don’t think wool or fabric alone would be absorbent enough.

That’s it for now! I’m suuuuuuuuper excited about my next project, but I’ll save blogging about that until I’ve actually cast on! 🙂

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