Who do I look like?

Oh, this is too good. The other day, Staci posted her celebrity look-alikes, and I encouraged her readers to do the same. For YEARS now I’ve gotten tons of random comments from total strangers telling me that I look like their sister’s friend, or their cousin’s wife, or people will constantly act like they’ve met me before (when I KNOW they haven’t) but I am never told that I look *famous*. So, I wanted to find out from the experts who I most closely resembled.

I started using this photo that I thought showed off my best feature — my hair. I totally thought they’d suggest Andie McDowell or Keri Russell or that actress from Gladiator. But apparently the face recognition software just picked up on the ANGLE of my face, and not the actual features.

So while I was initially surprised shocked to find out that I closely resembled small Asian women and a bald (!!!) jock, I shrugged it off and decided to try again with a better, straighter photo (the web site does suggest using “large, front-facing and straight faces to get accurate celebrity matches”).

My hair was looking pretty good today, so I snapped a quick photo before lunch and tried again.

And apparently I look like A MAN!!!! An old, gay, black, Jewish man. (With glasses.)

Staci? I’ll take “Bette Davis eyes” any day!

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6 Responses to Who do I look like?

  1. Janet says:

    OMG! I am going to pop something, I’m laughing so hard — as if the FIRST one wasn’t bad enough! LOL!!

    Larry.King?!! OMG!

  2. Janet says:

    Make T do it too?!! Now I’m CURIOUS!

  3. s t a c i says:

    How funny! The second one totally picked up on your glasses. I’ve looked at several of these results now, and each time, the software runs with one feature. I think Janet was right when she told me the software focused in on my eyes & eyebrows…which I suppose is the reason I don’t have a match with a bunch of old, gay, black, jewish men. haha

  4. michelle says:

    BWAHAHAHAH!!!! I’m sorry! Yeah.. I will not be doing this.

  5. mike says:

    do not trust technology

  6. Brianna says:


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