There has been knitting

Things have been hectic and quiet around here lately (but not necessarily peaceful — I’ve just become a bit of a recluse these past few weeks), so I’ve been trying to distract myself with knitting. Lots of knitting.

First up, I finished my basic socks!

These were knit with Socks that Rock (Lightweight) in January One. There seems to be some debate among knitters about this yarn — people either seem to love it or hate it. I don’t know much about yarn in general, but this stuff seems to be similar to Koigu, which produces a rather dense and firm fabric. It seems to me like that would make it more long-lasting, but it’s definitely not as soft as other sock yarn I’ve used. (Full disclaimer: I’ve only ever knit 3 pairs of socks.) So now I find myself wondering what my ideal sock yarn will be. Will I go for more tightly corded yarn or a softer, fuller yarn? At this point I’m keeping my options open. (I’ve still got some Lorna’s Laces in my stash…)

I’ve also made significant progress on the sweater I’m knitting for a friend. Having conquered 2 raglan sweaters so far, I honored my friend’s (probably offhand) request to make her a sweater for her birthday. I honestly thought of her when I first saw Picovoli a couple years ago (because she’s tiny) and then when I found the yarn for cheap on Ebay, that sealed the deal. It’s been a quick knit, but knitting for someone three states away can be rather daunting. I’ve had to just trust the pattern, and my friend’s measurements, and go with it. But now that I’m almost done, I’m panicking a bit. What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s too tight? Too short? Too lose? Too long? Worst case, I’ll knit her something else. Next! 🙂

Last up, I’m finally knitting up the Sea Baby kit I got in Portland for my friend’s baby last year. The little one is due in May, and the shower is this weekend, so I figured I’d better get started! The kit came with two different colors of Sea Wool, and while my friend loves green and blues, the one skein is just too “boy” for a little girl (and might be too “blah” for a little boy). So I’m going to skip the leggings and just make the hat and sweater (and besides, we picked up these booties from REI for her last weekend).

Problem is, I totally messed up and grabbed the wrong needles (despite checking TWICE — it’s been that crazy around here) and while at first I didn’t thing I was going to frog it, I’m totally glad I did.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some knitting to do…

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