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Flickr meme!

OK, so I have to share this. Last night I did a new Flickr meme and I just love the concept and I’m really pleased with how mine turned out. Flickr game: the rules: a. Type your answer to each … Continue reading

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I’m such a Martha! (And I didn’t even know it)

I recently read in Knitting Rules that Stephanie referred to an old neighbor as a “Martha” because she was totally organized. Now, I’m no Martha, but I do have all my yarn, books, patterns, and other knitting paraphernalia organized out … Continue reading

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“So I’m considering doing the 365 project on Flickr.” “Yah?” “Yah, I think it would be a good challenge.” “I think it would be a challenge for you to not take a photo of the cat everyday.” (And then later…) … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like to shop at yarn stores

I read a blog entry a while back about why that knitter liked to shop at yarn stores, and she was asking her readers why they didn’t feel the same (if they didn’t). I didn’t comment, because I didn’t want … Continue reading

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How to knit a sock in a day*

*OK, technically 2 days, since I started on Friday night. 1. Get a nasty head cold that you can’t shake. 2. Have your boyfriend leave on a weekend camping trip. 3. Call for sunny weather. 4. Drink lots of coffee. … Continue reading

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THIS is all I’m doing today.

I’ve been sick all week with “the crud” (as my friend Doris calls it) and my mom was ALSO in town visiting all week (bad timing!), so I’m taking it easy today and I’m going to knit a sock. (Not … Continue reading

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So, I realized part of what has been stressing me out the past couple of months was the break in my routine. I’m not usually one to stick to a routine, but I was really starting to miss my little … Continue reading

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