THIS is all I’m doing today.

I’ve been sick all week with “the crud” (as my friend Doris calls it) and my mom was ALSO in town visiting all week (bad timing!), so I’m taking it easy today and I’m going to knit a sock. (Not technically in one day, because I started it last night.)

I’m knitting up a Nutkin with my new Shibui sock yarn in Peacock. The color is photographing MUCH bluer than it actually is (more accurate pic of the color is here), but I am already totally loving the pattern. It’s one of those patterns that you can memorize after the first row! I had forgotten how much I love knitting patterned socks!

Although I did just finish up these pair of “basic socks” for T with some Lorna’s Laces, and I love how the simple stitch pattern really shows off the “stripes.” These were the first socks I knit for T, but they will not be the last! After he was able to try the first one on, he started calling them his “butter socks” because they feel like butta! They might be a little too *warm* for everyday wear, but once the weather gets cold again, I’m sure he’ll be wearing them on many chilly nights (especially during winter camping!).

OK, back to my knitting!

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