“So I’m considering doing the 365 project on Flickr.”


“Yah, I think it would be a good challenge.”

“I think it would be a challenge for you to not take a photo of the cat everyday.”

(And then later…)

“So, do you have to take a photo of yourself at the same time everyday?”


“I’m just trying to see what the limitations are.”

“The limitations are that you have to take a photo of YOURSELF EVERYDAY.”

“So…. Could you keep some generic photos of like, say, your foot, on hand and backdate them?”

“Well, it’s not a contest, or a competition, you’re doing it for YOU, as a way to track your life.”

“So you totally could?”

“Yah. … And actually, I was totally thinking of doing that too.”

(Here’s my first photo.)

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2 Responses to 365

  1. kelp! says:

    This is so funny, because every time I download photos from my camera, there’s two of me or of knitting and 30 of the cats. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing more photos of Trixie!

  2. bunnydozer says:

    Wow… you are way braver than me. I think the last photographic evidence of me is from at least over a year ago. All I have are pics of my knitting and the pupsters.

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