Why hello there

Dear Blog,

Hi! How have you been? Good? Good!

I cannot believe it’s been so long since I last posted. Phew! I have always been a rather lazy blogger, but a couple weeks ago my friend commented that I had been blogging even less lately since I started the 365 Project on Flickr, and I realized she’s right. So I’m trying to make a conscious effort to take more photos of everything (not just me!) and pop over here to blog about them now and then.

(We recently went on an awesome fishing trip in BC, Canada, and I’d really like to blog about that before we go on our next trip up to Anchorage, Alaska… but I don’t have all the photos or videos uploaded yet! Hopefully soon – and then I’ll share some pics. It was wonderful.)

So! In the meantime, I wanted to share what I decided to do with my sweater. Here’s a hint:

When all was said and done, I was left with this:

I am so much happier with this sweater and I’m actually breezing through it this time! I decided to make a basic raglan (bottom-up, Elizabeth Zimmerman-style) and while I thought I’d be “bored” making yet another raglan, I’m really enjoying trying to decipher Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pithy instructions, and I’m super pleased with how it’s turning out (it’s knit in the round, so it’s pooling less, miraculously!).

I’m already back to where I was – I knit up the body and one sleeve and will be starting the other sleeve tonight. Woot woot! (And can I just say, knitting goes SO MUCH FASTER when you’re not second guessing yourself every 10 minutes???)

I tried to take a photo for my 365 project the other day, but it turned out like this…. I’ll take a better photo when i get a little farther along.

OK, that’s it for now! Hope you are doing well – give the kitties a kiss for me. heh.


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