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Hi! Do you want to hear about our Alaska trip???? Great! We were gone for 3 weeks, though, so I’m just going to cover the high points.

OK, so the gist of the trip was that drove from our house in Edmonds, then drove the length of the “Al-Can Highway,” then hung out in Alaska for a few days, and then came home on the Alaska Ferry that leaves out of Haines, AK and docks up in Bellingham, WA (about an hour north of our house). (Click here to see a map of our route – so cool!)

The drive was AMAZING and we saw so much beautiful country (we were both BLOWN AWAY by how scenic BC is! (T kept saying that BC must stand for “Beautiful Scenery”)).

Beautiful by you.

There was one day, though, that I like to call “The Magical Day.” It was Day 4, and we were driving from Fort Nelson to Whitehorse (590 miles). We had woken up early because we knew it was going to be a long day of driving (ended up taking 12 hours, but luckily the sun doesn’t set til around 11pm) and we saw so much wildlife in those first few hours.

We saw 2 bears,

A black bear! by you.
a bighorn sheep,
Bighorn sheep by you.
a caribou,
Caribou by you.
tons of bison,
Bison Xing by you.
a herd of mama & baby bighorn sheep (all on the side of the road!)!!!!
Bye, cute little baby animals! by you.

All while driving through some of the most beautiful, breathtaking, majestic, and peaceful scenery I have ever, ever seen (this photo is from when we drove through a cloud).

Now entering a cloud by you.

We then drove up to Dawson City in the Yukon and hung out there for a few days before heading into Alaska. (T took this pic of me on our last night there. I like it a lot.)

Me in Dawson City by you.

And I can’t talk about this trip without bringing up this little ditty. So, our original plan was we were going to stay with T’s friend while we were in Anchorage. But a couple days into our trip, T starts freaking out because he can’t get a hold of Rob. He emailed, called, and texted, and Rob wasn’t responding. At first I thought maybe they had gotten in a fight??? But then I thought about it for half a second and realized – that wasn’t the case at all. This was a case of GUY PLANNING…. See, Rob’s a tugboat captain and his tour of duty at sea got delayed and so he actually ended up being in Seattle the week we were in Anchorage, so we were only able to see him for a day (he rolled into town on Friday and we left that Sunday).

But what a fun day that was!

Me in front of Knik Glacier [365.80] by you.

(That’s me in front of the Knik Glacier, which Rob took us to see on his jet boat.)

It all worked out for the better, though, because we then got that week just to “play” in Alaska and not have to be anywhere at any time, or do anything on a schedule, and that really made us feel like we were finally on vacation. So we took a detour from our original plans and headed up to Chena Hot Springs near Fairbanks and then down to Talkeetna near Denali (we actually went to Denali but it was so foggy we couldn’t see anything!).

Our view of Mt McKinley by you.
And then down to Girdwood near Anchorage (the drive was INCREDIBLE!)

The drive to Girdwood by you.

And then over to the old Independence Mine in Palmer.

IMG_7383 by you.

Before we knew it, though, we were on the ferry (and in the bar), headed home.
Playing cards. In the ferry bar. Again. [365.85 Outtake] by you.

But I’ll never forget this trip – cooking hot dogs in the hotel coffee maker, spotting a lynx running across the road, re-enacting that scene from DUEL, almost getting hit by lightning (not really) while hiking Summit Mountain, making fun of German tourists (“Ma footwear iss coolah zan your entire hotel”), playing the shortest Scrabble game ever, playing cards for hours on the ferry, knitting for hours on end in the car (bliss), staying in my first yurt, getting attacked by ginormous beetles, watching the rain fall from a bar in Ketchikan, and just chillaxin‘ with my favorite guy in the world.

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4 Responses to Ahhhhhhhlaska!

  1. mike says:

    wow, this photo is kinda hilarious. all the animals are like where the hell do you think you’re going?

    that seems like a great fricking trip. you put your car on the ferry? how long is the ferry ride? that seems so fun! can you hang out in your car while on the ferry?

  2. Phil says:

    uhhm, not to be nit-picky or anything, but there is only one friggin bear in that picture. Just for the record, I would never drive through that cloud. Haven’t you seen movies like “The Mist” or “The Fog”?

    I think “Chillaxin” is either a new word, or not a word at all. Either way, I’m going to take it and use it.

    Sounds like it was a great trip cept for the “Ginormouse Beetles” attack. I especially like the tip on the in-room hot dog cooker. Most hotels have those now too.


  3. Jennifer says:

    That’s awesome! I keep looking for Fleischman! (Tell me you know who I’m talking about…)

    We want to go to Alaska so badly. My husband is a fly fisherman who has big dreams set there!

    Great pix… Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. flakaroni says:

    Beautiful Vaness. Sounds like a full on adventure…those are the best ones! Glad you had such an awesome and memorable trip. See you in Toronto!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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