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A Christmas tradition

My aunt used to make homemade donuts for Christmas and I think after you’ve had a homemade donut, every other donut pales in comparison. I emailed her a couple years ago and asked for the recipe, but I never got … Continue reading

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Someone’s been watching a little too much Paula Dean

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Oh, I am so not going anywhere

I had originally planned on flying to Chicago on Dec 25th and returning on the 30th, but then a few days ago I started to get a bad feeling about the weather. Now, I am usually NOT one to bail … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Watch 3000: The Cleanup

So, my work got cancelled today (woot!) and we actually got out of the house and had lunch at a local diner (double woot!) but then we spent all afternoon SHOVELING OUR ROOF. I didn’t even know this was something … Continue reading

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Here’s the thing. I grew up in Chicago and then lived in Madison, WI for a year after graduating college and part of the reason I LEFT the midwest and moved to Seattle was because of the snow. I just … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to me!

I am a little hesitant about posting this because I kinda want all these mugs to myself, but I picked up this cute little mug at Starbucks this morning (on sale!). Isn’t it the cutest? (It’s actually glossier (and thus … Continue reading

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Happy Holidaze!!!

I’ve all but sworn off Christmas this year, but for some reason I cannot pass up an excuse to make Christmas cookies. I had just spent the previous weekend making 4 batches of cookies and toffee (that I had to throw … Continue reading

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