Popping in to say hi!

I have all but abandoned my blog lately, and I’m still deciding whether I want to continue in the new year (I think I do, but possibly under a different format). My problem seems to be that I sometimes have absolutely nothing to blog about, and then alluvasudden I have SO MANY THINGS, but I get behind and then don’t blog about ANY of them. Or I try and cram too much in one blog post and it isn’t fun to write or read.

So! I’m popping in to share this delicious recipe for gingersnaps. I have a little tradition where I bake a bunch of Christmas cookies and send them off to close friends and relatives, and this year was the biggest by far! I made chocolate-covered toffee (made without a thermometer — it didn’t turn out), my grandmother’s butter cookies, 7-layer bars, pecan puffs, and these kickass gingersnaps. With ground pepper and 2 kinds of ginger, they’re definitely SPICY! And I made them a little on the thin side so they are SNAPPY! Just the way I like ’em.

Happy Holidays!

(Doh! Where is my head? Here is the link to the recipe.)

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One Response to Popping in to say hi!

  1. LEO says:

    OH I’m so glad you shared the recipe – thank you! I was totally ogling your cookies on flickr the other day. Okay so that sounds obscene. But you get the idea.

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