Jingle bells, shotgun shells…

This is the only decoration we’re putting up this year. It’s a little fiber optic tree decorated with shotgun shell lights we received as an early Christmas gift.

Beyond awesome.

(Thanks, M+H!!!!)

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6 Responses to Jingle bells, shotgun shells…

  1. Heather says:

    You can’t even tell they’re shotgun shells! This is both good (not so avertly violent) and bad (why have oddball lights if you can’t tell why they’re oddball?), I suppose… I’m sure it’s more obvious in person anyway.

    • funessa says:

      Well I thnk if I took a better picture (with something OTHER than my iPhone), you would be able to tell they were shotgun shells! But yah, they are really pretty because they’re so BIG (especially on that tiny tree). We LOVE them! (I wanted to put them on our tree outside, but T was like, “NO! They’ll get stolen!”)

  2. LEO says:

    I’m so glad you blogged your shotgun tree! It’s just spectacular.

  3. Jeremy says:

    That certainly is different. bang bang! 😉

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