Happy Holidaze!!!

I’ve all but sworn off Christmas this year, but for some reason I cannot pass up an excuse to make Christmas cookies. I had just spent the previous weekend making 4 batches of cookies and toffee (that I had to throw out because it never congealed), but when my friend Katie (who has recently gone from being a friend-of-a-friend to a full-fledged, legitimate friend) asked me if I wanted to decorate cookies with her last weekend, I said yes without flinching!

We ended up making over 8 dozen cookies!!! And while that is a lot, yes, it really doesn’t compare to the holiday insanity that occurred at T’s parents’ house 3 years ago (the photo below only shows HALF the cookies!).

our cookies table by you.

I’m really glad we scaled back Christmas this year. I’ve found myself actually ENJOYING the holiday more. We don’t have a tree up (besides this one), or lights, and we haven’t listened to a single Christmas carol, but I think that’s given me time to appreciate the things I do have and the loved ones in my life. And I am definitely thankful for that.

Wishing you peace this time of year!

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3 Responses to Happy Holidaze!!!

  1. kc says:

    I really think this is key to enjoying the holidays… I think a lot of people do what they “have” to do and what we “should” do instead of what we WANT to do! like, putting up my tree made me happy, but cards were stressing me out so I didn’t do them. I don’t think any of my friends are going to die b/c I didn’t send them a card, you know? 🙂 those cookies look deeeeelish! but baking stresses me out, so… hehe. 🙂

    • funessa says:

      I totally agree! We cannot do EVERYTHING, so we should just pick and choose the traditions we like. I was tempted to skip the cards this year too (less hassle, and less waste) but ended up doing them when I found some great cards for cheap. It’s all about “easy” for me this year, though!

  2. Jennie says:

    yummmmmmm me want cookie!!

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