Here’s the thing. I grew up in Chicago and then lived in Madison, WI for a year after graduating college and part of the reason I LEFT the midwest and moved to Seattle was because of the snow. I just got sick of dealing with it. And it usually doesn’t snow too much out here, maybe once a year every couple years, and it’s usually gone within a couple days. But this year is TOTALLY different.

We’ve been hit with 3 snowfalls since last Saturday, and none of them have had a chance to melt before the next one moved in. It snowed for almost 16 hours last night. I went outside to take some photos this morning and the snow was above my shoes! My neighbors were outside shoveling their driveway with garden shovels! We may have to go up and shovel off our roof! 😦

It sure is pretty, though. And luckily we never lost power (knock on wood). Or had to leave our house.

(Funny story: My mom (who lives in Chicago) has an iPhone and has it set to check the Seattle weather, along with several other cities. She accidentally looked at the Seattle forecast the other day and saw “Snow for the next 6 days” and assumed it was the Chicago outlook! Her husband then pointed out that, no, that was the Seattle outlook! (Chicago’s was much colder, but without as much snow.))



WTFSNOW? by you.

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5 Responses to WTF? SNOW?

  1. Gurl I was born and raised in Racine, WI so I GET the snow!

    I think it is great you got a white winter!! :o) I sure miss that here in the south for Christmas, but then after the holiday it can go away! Haha!!

    Have fun making snowmen!! :oD

  2. michelle says:

    Yup. I have to admit to loving it a bit too much. It’s such a treat around here, y/k? The sucky part is that except for B&B & the neighbors across the street, everyone bailed on our turkey dinner last nigh. 😦 More leftovers for us, though! 🙂

  3. Stella says:

    I’m exactly the opposite: I grew up in OR and then went to college in the midwest, so although I love the NW more than I can even say, I seriously miss the snow sometimes. And this? This is totally epic. I’ve never seen anything like it in these parts.

    Stay warm!!

  4. LEO says:

    WTF! I also lived in Madison for a bit. Weirrrrrd.

  5. mike says:

    dude i heard you guys got 3-5 inches. my roommate is back home near you and he is loving it.

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