Oh, I am so not going anywhere

I had originally planned on flying to Chicago on Dec 25th and returning on the 30th, but then a few days ago I started to get a bad feeling about the weather. Now, I am usually NOT one to bail on things just because of "weather" but this was sounding REALLY bad. We saw a news report on Monday about how flights had been cancelled for 3 days at Sea-Tac because of the storm, my friend Katie has been trying to fly out of Sea-Tac since Sunday, and my friends Phil and Doris are trapped in Hawaii and can’t get back home (Seattle).

Then I checked the United Airlines web site today (thanks, Travelocity!) and found out there are TWO storm advisories in effect: one in Seattle and one in Chicago.

And that did it. I called and had them put my ticket on hold, and thankfully because of the storm they won’t charge me to change the ticket!!! (I told the woman I’ll probably just fly back in January and she was like, "Yah, but it’ll probably be snowing in Chicago then too" and I was like, "Yah, but at least it won’t be snowing HERE also.")

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2 Responses to Oh, I am so not going anywhere

  1. Janet says:

    I’m so glad you are postponing your trip! You’ll still have a good time in January 😉 It would really stink to be stuck and not be able to get in or out.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Strange as it might sound, it will probably be warmer in January because it has been so brutally cold here in Chicago the past few days on top of the snow. You made the right decision. You want to be able to enjoy your trip and not have to deal with getting stranded at airports with thousands of other people. Besides, I’m sure Trixie will appreciate it!

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