Starting over, again

I actually LOVE New Year’s Resolutions and make a ton every year. I’ve even kept a few over the years! I vowed to stop eating donuts 2 years ago and didn’t eat ANY for 6 months (and we would have them in our weekly group meetings, so I had plenty of opportunities to be tempted!) and last year I vowed to stop drinking pop and only had a handful all year (although I did have an exception for pop with liquor in it…). I have since seriously cut back on both my donut and pop consumption and this year my goals are even more lofty! I set them down to paper the other night and I had over 20! But I think they are all do-able. I want to SERIOUSLY cut back on high fructose corn syrup (did you know it’s in EVERYTHING?), eat locally raised meats, bake more, cook more, move more, watch less TV, laugh more, and just all around be healthier and happier.

But my resolutions don’t just stop there! I have plenty of knitting-related resolutions too (of course)!

~ Knit for myself
I actually had this resolution 2 years ago and I LOVED it! It gave me an excuse to say “No” when people asked me to knit something for them, and it focused my energies on things that IIII would like. Last year was rather unfulfilling knitting-wise (and in other ways, honestly) and I realized that was partly due to the fact that almost every single FO was for someone else! (Luckily I have friends who spoil me rotten and knit a few things for me.)

Knit with luxurious fibers
Nothing crazy – it doesn’t have to be cashmere, but I do want to spoil myself a bit and knit with fibers that stir the soul. I definitely see more Malabrigo, Sea Silk, and Noro in my future…

Stop worrying about how LONG something will take
This is HUGE. I noticed last year that I was making VERY small projects, and even then I was totally stressing about how long things were taking me! I need to just chill out and not worry about how long something takes or how productive I am, but just focus on knitting things I love. (Again, I’m looking for soul stirring! :)) I’m actually most excited to adopt this new perspective. I need to worry less about what everyone else is doing and again, just knit for ME.

Here’s to a wonderful 2009!

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