My Ravelry Donation Challenge

OK, so admittedly I was a little late to the Ravelry Love Fest. I’ve been a member since July, 2007 and I have definitely used it to catalog all my current projects and stash and even get ideas for new projects and stash, but beyond that I didn’t really use it. I never really ventured over to the forums or groups or discussion boards…. Until I started a Stitch ‘n Bitch last July and started planning meetups and chatting with other members.
And then recently I started thinking about all the people I’ve told about Ravelry, all the times I’ve thought, “I’ll just look that up on Ravelry” to get ideas for a yarn, or help with a pattern, or just a distraction from work? And what if I donated $1 for every time I’ve used this free service? And then challenged others to do the same!?

Here are some ideas.

Please consider donating $1 if you’ve ever….

~ found a free pattern on Ravelry and then knit it up?
~ found a pattern from an old book or magazine you had and then knit it up?
~ bought yarn on Ravelry?
~ sold yarn on Ravelry?
~ bought a book on Ravelry?
~ sold a book on Ravelry?
~ bought a pattern on Ravelry?
~ sold a pattern on Ravelry?
~ designed a project because of Ravelry?
~ gotten help with a pattern on Ravelry?
~ found just the yarn you were looking for on Ravelry?
~ made friends on Ravelry?
~ reconnected with someone on Ravelry?
~ laughed because of something you read in a forum on Ravelry?
~ cried because of something you read in a forum on Ravelry?
~ were introduced to a new book, yarn, pattern, designer, WAY OF THINKING because of Ravelry?
~ made a friend in person (not just online) from Ravelry?
~ found a subsitutue yarn for a pattern on Ravelry?
~ found a dye lot you were out of on Ravelry?
~ found a discontinuted yarn you’ve been searching for on Ravelry?


(My current donation according to this list is $19.)

Even if everybody just donated $5 or $10, just think of how much money we could raise!

(More info here, on the For the Love of Ravelry bboard.)

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One Response to My Ravelry Donation Challenge

  1. michelle says:

    Wasted time at work on Ravelry– heh. Don’t make me tally that whole list– I’ll break the bank! Great idea, though. 🙂 We started our local SNB through Rav, too & it’s shaping up to be a completely awesome group! And I met my best irl knitting friend who lives in the same town as me through Rav, too.

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