My matchy matchy Kolenyas

Because of all the snowfall this past Christmas, I postponed my trip back to Chicago and we also postponed our trip over to Sequim (pronounced Sk-wim) to see T’s p’s. So that meant I had nearly 2 weeks of lounging at home, knitting and …. well, doing little else, really. And even though I had a few minor fits where I felt like we really should have been outside doing something, I am also really thankful I had that time to just unwind and chill out.

I did give myself one goal, though: I wanted to knit fingerless gloves for me, T, and his parents. I didn’t stress about it, but I also knew I needed to feel a little bit productive. I found the (free!) Kolenya pattern right away and fell in love, but I wanted them to MATCH each other (because I’m anal like that). I consulted for a bit with Stacey (i.e., the Queen of Noro) and basically realized that if I wanted to make them match, I’d have to do it myself.

Kolenyas by you.

For the first pair I unwound the skein of yarn (Noro Kureyon), cut out each color section, then cut each section in half, and then knit up the gloves. That was kind of a lot of work, though, and I think I sacrificed a lot of the subtleties between color changes on this one.

One glove (almost) done, seven more to go! by you.

The next skein had a lot more color repeats, and I realized that the skein was essentially the same from the outside in as it was from the inside out. So I cut it once in the middle and had two similar lengths of yarn. These knit up a lot faster with fewer ends to weave in.

Second pair is lined up to go Kolenyas

I also knit up a pair using Plymouth Boku. That ball striped MUCH more often, so I didn’t even unwind it first. I just knit up one, then made sure to start at the same spot in the color repeats for the second one. (I knit these smaller using the mods listed here.)

Matchy matchy Kolenyas by you.

I purposely knit my pair last, so I wouldn’t just stop knitting once mine were done! 🙂 (These were also knit smaller using these mods.)

My Kolenyas by you.

These are so much fun I’ve already bought a couple more skeins of Noro to make more!

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One Response to My matchy matchy Kolenyas

  1. 🙂 at consultation on noro stripping! Haha!

    Gurl these fingerless mitts are addictive!! I see you used my mods too…right?? They don’t look as large as the original pattern.

    Love all of the color selections!!

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