2008 FOs

I’m honestly a little hesitant to post this mosaic, because I’m so disappointed in the quality of my knitting last year! (Especially when compared to last year!) But I think it’s helpful to look back and see what worked and what didn’t. I gave away over half the FO’s I knit, and while I was very happy to knit for other people, and I was pleased with how a lot of them turned out, at the end of the year I was admittedly left with a teeny sense of disappointment, like I had nothing to show for all that time.

I also think I spent way too much time on the internet (I’m looking at you, Flickr! And Ravelry!) and not enough time actually knitting, so that’s definitely going to change this year too.

I’ve already got some big projectslined up, but I told myself I won’t start on those until I finish up all my WIPs. Luckily, though, I finished up one of the WIPs while I was in Chicago last week.

I had been wanting to knit up a new dog sweater for my mom’s pup, Ollie, ever since last year. The red and turquoise cardigan I made him last year ended up being a little too small, and I wanted something more “masculine” for him. I found this gorgeous shade of dark teal in Cascade 220 (superwash) and used the free Penny pattern from Knitty.

Ollie's sweater by you.

Ollie is a handsome dog

 The pattern is great (except that it is not knit in the round – I knit it in the round and just alternated knit and purl rows in the gusset to get the “garter stitch” look). Then I copied what a few others had done on Ravelry and cast off the gusset stitches after about 6″ and then just knit the back of the sweater back and forth until it was the appropriate length. Because of the ribbing, it ended up pulling in the sides and making it look “curved,” but honestly I just cast off straight across the belly. I am so pleased with how it turned out, and I think little Ollie is too!

Ollie's sweater by you.

"Whachoo got?"

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