True dat

I flew back to Chicago last week for a couple of days, and even though it was a short trip, I was actually proud of myself for not losing anything! (I am notorious for losing stuff on trips! Just ask me about my trip to Costa Rica last year)

So I’m feeling all proud and organized, but then Monday morning I was packing up all my stuff at a friend’s house and spent nearly 15 minutes looking for my cell phone, which I eventually found stuffed in the bottom of my backpack. (Phew!)

So then I went to O’Hare, walked up to the counter to check in, and realized I didn’t have my driver’s license on me! I looked everywhere (including my backpack) and couldn’t find it (I think I actually probably lost it on the plane ride out to Chicago?), so the ticket lady just marked my ticket as saying I’d need “special assistance.” I went to the security line and explained to the lady that I didn’t have my wallet, but then I thought – Wait! My dad works for TSA! And he’s working today! In terminal 2! Maybe he can vouch for me? So I told this to the lady and she said, “If your dad works for TSA then you should’ve known better than to come to the airport without your driver’s license.”


(Luckily my Costco card saved me – it had a photo of me on it, and that along with all my credit cards helped prove my identity.  But still, I’m adding “get more organized” to my list of NY resolutions!)

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One Response to True dat

  1. michelle says:

    This is the good thing about husbands. They give you so much shit for pulling perfectly innocent stunts like this that you avoid it at all cost & get better organized just to spare yourself the humiliation! Get a husband? LOL.

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