On my birthday

I feel kind of weird announcing that it’s my birthday today, but whatever. It’s my blog! And it’s my birthday! 🙂

I wasn’t really in the mood to make a big to-do out of my birthday this year, so instead I took the day off and treated myself to a spa day today at Habitude (best way to spend a birthday EVER!). Then on the way home I stopped in at Weaving Works where I found out that my ENTIRE PURCHASE was 15% off because it was my birthday. (Score!)

And tonight I’ll be enjoying cupcakes…

Birthday Cupcake

Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle

fine wine… (thanks, Vannie!)

My friends is pimp.

and good ol’ Chicago style pizza from Lou Malnati’s. (Thanks, Dad!)


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4 Responses to On my birthday

  1. Janet says:

    The pizza looks amazing! Happy Birthday once again — it sounds like you had a great one!

    (Did you shoot the Hazy Blur wine that way or was it a happy accident?! Love it!)

  2. Aunt Marlene says:

    Cupcakes?!? Vanessa, again – very hip. They’re the latest rage.

    And, OMG, Lou Malnatti’s pizza. My fav.

    Love you.

  3. Donna says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday, yesterday!
    It looks and sounds like it was a great day!

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