Slippers for my sweetie

I finally finished T’s slippers and got around to taking FO photos of them in daylight the other day. I actually finished them when he was in the middle of fighting off a pretty nasty cold last weekend, but then they took THREE DAYS to dry after felting (thanks, moist PacNW winters!).
Done! by you.


FO! by you.


I am suuuuper pleased with how these turned out. I love the colors (which I blatantly copied from a friend) and I love the finished look of the contrasting cuffs and bumpers. They really look pulled together.

FO! by you.

He could be a footwear model, no?

I used Cascade 220 instead of the Wool Pak called for in the pattern and I think you can definitely tell a difference between these and the pair I made for me out of Wool Pak a couple years ago. These are not as nubby or dense and feel like they’ll come apart faster. AND I also totally slacked off sewing the soles together (because I thought they’d felt together more in the wash) so I had to go back and whip stitch the soles together again. (Note to self: Next time sew each sole shut separately, THEN sew the soles together.)

Note to self. by you.

Do not be lazy like me

One modification I made for the better was adding a couple short rows to the back heels (see Ravelry for more info). The pattern instructs you on how to create a higher cuff, but after looking at hundreds of slippers on Ravelry we decided that the back cuff just wasn’t HIGH ENOUGH. This was the first time I really felt empowered to make a change to a pattern. I must have ruminated about it for half a day and even then ripped it out five times, but I really felt it was worth it to get the look and feel I wanted.

Higher cuffs by you.


I’m so glad I finally knit these for T, and I feel awful that I waited so long to do so. Once you get past the first 7 rows (the soles), this really is a straightforward pattern. And it ranks up there as one of my faves – I just love the idea of being to knit something so cute and functional.

Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs (AC-33)
Yarn: Cascade 220 in 8400 (grey) and 8393 (blue)
More details on Ravelry.

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One Response to Slippers for my sweetie

  1. Heather says:

    I think you may have finally inspired me to get on the slipper bandwagon that our SnB has been on since its inception. These are perfect!

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