FO: Just Enough Ruffles

Just Enough Ruffles by you.

I broke one of my knitting resolutions last week and it felt sooooooooo good! I had told myself I was only going to KNIT FOR MYSELF this year, but after seeing Janet’s version of this scarf, I had to knit one too. It’s a little too “ruffly” for me, though, so this will be shipped off next month for a friend’s birthday.

Just Enough Ruffles by you.

I did uphold two of my (new) knitting resolutions, though. I splurged on some good yarn (Malabrigo worsted, which I picked up last week for 15% off, because it was my birthday!) and I broke down and BOUGHT A PATTERN. I’ve been pretty cheap, lately, focusing only on the free patterns available on Ravelry and abstaining from buying any new books (I can’t even remember the last time I bought one) but I told myself that this year, if I saw something I liked, I should just go ahead and get it, instead of trying to “unvent” it myself or putting it off until I could “unvent” it later. And this pattern was totally worth the $3.50. (In fact, I liked it so much I accidentally bought it twice on Ravelry! ha!)

Just Enough Ruffles by you.

I think we can safely say my knitting mojo is BACK!

Pattern: Just Enough Ruffles scarf
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted :: Pagoda (approx 1.3 skeins)
See more details on Ravelry.

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2 Responses to FO: Just Enough Ruffles

  1. LEO says:

    Hooray for the knitting mojo!! That scarf looks like too many ruffles for me, too, but honestly it looks like it would be a blast to knit.

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