As much as I love knitting rollbrim hats, I never knit one for me! I have a LOT of hair, so I can’t wear any hats that easily. Last week, though – I had an epiphany. I knit a hole into the hat so I could pull a ponytail through. Genius. (Before I start patting myself on the back, I will admit that this took me two tries, which resulted in me knitting the hat from bottom up, ripping it out, and re-knitting from top-down. Oh well. So much for guesstimating. Next time? I’ll measure!)

My hat! by you.

The yarn I used was Mmmmmmalabrigo Chunky in “Pearl Ten.” I ordered this online from YarnCountry and I was originally REALLY disappointed in the color. (I should have taken a photo of the skein before I wound it – it was brown and mucky and gross looking.) But those dyers at Malabrigo really know what they’re doing. After I knit it up, it was this subtle variegation of deep purples, browns, greys… in a word: goooorgeous. I think they should rename “Pearl Ten” to “River Rock.” I might just have to buy another skein of this stuff!

Nubbin by you.

Pattern: Easy rollbrim hat
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky (Pearl Ten)
More details on Ravelry.

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2 Responses to Finally!

  1. Janet says:

    Oh I have always loved Pearl Ten — it’s dirty looking in skein form, but once it’s knit up, it’s fabulous. I love your curly locks sticking out of your hat! Great idea!

  2. Janet says:

    Oops – one more comment! Is this your first time working with the Malabrigo Chunky?? I have used it once for a cowl (the light blue one) and I think I love it more than worsted . . . it is softer and seems to behave better 🙂

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