Hiking Little Si

I’ll admit it. I don’t actually like hiking all that much. You have to get up early, drive a couple hours to get to wherever it is you’re going, hike up this long, boring trail (usually with a bunch of endless switchbacks), and then the top is usually so covered in snow (at least it has been lately) that you can’t even get to the top, leaving me feeling disappointed, exhausted, and sore.

But yesterday we hiked Little Si and the experience was totally different. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was ever-changing, there were NO switchbacks, and we actually made it to the summit! Granted, this is a very popular (and easy) hike, but I can see why so many people love it. I’ll definitely be going back – and next time, I’ll bring a camera that isn’t on the verge of death. I’m glad I was able to snap these photos, but there was so much more to capture. Next time.

Tree by you.

Summit! by you.

Me with all my gear by you.

Hiking down by you.

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One Response to Hiking Little Si

  1. mike says:

    so i was thinking sunday because the Tourist Club is actually in Muir Woods: http://www.touristclubsf.org/

    it’s a german hoffbrau run by a private club. i’ve never done it.

    let’s talk about timing when you get here.

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