Lace Ribbon Scarf :: Frogged

A couple weeks ago I was boasting to a friend about how few WIPs I had. And then I checked Ravelry and realized I had been delusional. I had waaaay more than I realized – and some I had even forgotten about. After I finished up my most recent knitting project, I told myself I couldn’t buy any yarn for any NEW projects until I had finished, or unraveled, all the WIPs in my knitting bag.

The first project I resurrected was the Lace Ribbon scarf. I had started this back in December and brought it with me on a trip to Chicago in January, but I had simply written the pattern out on a post-it note instead of printing it out like a normal person would. When I picked it up again in Chicago after having put it down for a few days, I knit the chart from the top down instead of from the bottom up and knit about 10 rows before I realized I was knitting it upside down. I ripped out those rows and just set the whole thing down for a few months while I went onto less mentally taxing projects.

Lace Ribbon Scarf :: Chasing Rainbows Merino /Tencel by you.

But when I picked it up again this past week, something clicked. I could finally “read” my knitting and I didn’t have to pay as close attention to the pattern. It was flying off my needles until I took this photo.

Lace ribbon scarf by you.

And it just looked too… wide. I then did some calculations this morning and realized it was also going to be too short – only about 50″. I looked it up Ravelry and lots of people only cast on 44 sts instead of 53. I did some more calculations and if I omit one repeat, I should be able to squeeze out 13 more inches!!!

So, I frogged it.

Frogged. by you.

I’m hoping it won’t lay abandoned at the bottom of my knittng bag again, but I also have all next weekend to myself and no plans, so hopefully I’ll be back to where I was in no time at all.

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One Response to Lace Ribbon Scarf :: Frogged

  1. Janet says:

    That’s what I adore about Ravelry — you can see proof that you’re not a slacker (and I know you’re not!)

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