Sew! Excited!

I went to JoAnn last night to pick up some cheap fabric I could use for a test skirt before I dive in and make one out of designer fabric, and I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted this fabric at the last minute (I was literally walking up to the cutting counter with a bolt of camo in my hands when I saw it). It was already cheap to begin with and on sale for 30% off — I got 2.5 yards for only $12!

I am so excited! This isn’t the best photo, but I think the cart gives you a sense of scale for the print (eyaaaaaah, that’s it).

My test fabric! by you.

I was originally going to just wing-it and make a simple A-line skirt (with a zipper) out of tutorials I had seen on the interewebs, but then I pulled out my sewing arsenal and realized Sew U actually has 3 free Simplicity(TM) patterns included, and one is a skirt! Huzzah!

Arsenal by you.

I leafed through the beginning chapters of “Sew U” and realized it’s an awwwwwwesome reference for a beginner. I actually took a sewing class a couple years ago and I’ve sewn three things in my life (a robe, pj pants, and a nightgown) but I’ve never made a garment. And this book is awesome. She taught me things my sewing instructor didn’t (like, iron your pattern before pinning it to the fabric, pin inside the seam allowance, etc) and reinforced some things I thought I had forgotten.

I brought the book with me to bed, read a few chapters, and woke up before my alarm this morning so I could finish reading it before I started sewing tonight. I have not been this excited about a craft since I read Debbie Stoller’s “Stitch ‘n Bitch” from cover to cover 8 years ago. I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t turn into another obsession, because I don’t know if my house, or life, has room for another one!

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2 Responses to Sew! Excited!

  1. Sewmarm says:

    Great print and !YAY! about the price!

  2. carolyn says:

    you’re hilarious

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