I haz a skirt!

I just finished sewing my skirt and I kind of love it. It took waaaaaay longer than I expected (natch) but I’m glad I took things slowly and took the time to un-do what didn’t look like it was working. I won’t bore you with all the details… well, maybe I will.

I haz a skirt!!!! by you.

The pattern: I used the skirt pattern from “Sew U” but it only goes up to size 12. I am a size 14. So I taped the pattern to a piece of freezer paper and taped it to the window and sketched a larger size (just extending the Large out about an inch). This mostly worked, except I did have to go back and undo the side seams because it was a smidge too tight. Also, it’s not as A-Line as I’d hoped (she tells you how to adjust for this in the book, and I forgot in the flurry of all the other math). Next time, I’ll just friggin’ BUY a pattern that is MY SIZE.

I’m really glad I used this pattern, though, instead of a basic elastic waist skirt. I learned about darts, facing, and I sewed my first zipper! I definitely appreciated the challenge. Here’s to learning new things!

Darts & Zipper by you.

Fabric: I love love love this fabric! It is probably too thin for a skirt, and I was going to line it, but um, I didn’t. I may still, but I think this fabric is so thin it will probably wrinkle easily, and I don’t think lining will help that. Not bad for $12, but next time I’ll go for fabric that’s actually meant for apparel (not quilting).

Zipper: I’d love to say this was easier than it seemed, but um, it took me over 2 hours to sew! I blame it all on the zipper foot though. Evvvvvvveryone said you needed a zipper foot, and I got one, but I don’t think it fits my machine. It doesn’t sit on the fabric, so it wasn’t really working. Eventually I ended up gluing the zipper to the fabric instead of basting it, and then sewing it with the regular foot. It worked okay, but I would like to go back and do it again with a zipper foot someday.

Zipper! by you.

Facing: I think facing was probably the hardest part! So much sewing! So many curves! But I took it slowly and it actually turned out pretty well. I think it will help minimize some curling and wrinkling in the tummy area too. (Hopefully?)

Zipper & Facing by you.

Hem: This was pretty intimidating, and I’m still not sure I did it right. You have to sew from the inside so that you can see what you’re doing, but that means the ugly stitch is on the outside. I don’t think that’s right?

Hem :: Insides by you.

Now me and my skirt are going to go enjoy some lemonade on the deck!

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4 Responses to I haz a skirt!

  1. Aunt Marlene says:

    Vanessa, my dear, you are indeed your grandma’s granddaughter You’re doing great! wtg

  2. Laura says:

    This is beautiful. I can’t believe you sewed a zipper. That is like professional sewing. You got talent! I love it.

  3. carolyn says:

    aw yay! it looks great. and you know, you can always just wear a slip with it which is basically the same as if it was lined.

  4. Gramma: says:

    Very nice Nessie. Try putting the right side of the facing
    on the right side of the skirt. Press, turn the facing over. top stitch at top, now the zipper. Wasn’t that easyi?

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