(Inspired by Twisted Knitter’s recent blog post.)

We have a running joke in our house that almost everything in the house has been repurposed for another use, and almost nothing is used as it was originally intended. We have portholes for windows, an old freezer door as a bathroom door, and Christmas lights hanging in our kitchen. (We also go back and forth as to whether our house is a “funhouse” or just a “fun house.”)

This has been mostly instigated by T, who has an uncanny pension for repurposing, but it’s finally started to catch on to me. I recently repurposed this lunch sack for a knitting bag.

My new knitting bag by you.

And this cute knitting box bag has become my makeup bag.

Repurposed by you.

I realize these uses don’t drastically differ from their intended uses, but I’m glad I was able to make room in my life for these special things. I’m not usually one for hoarding (my motto is usually If you don’t use it, toss it!) but these were too cute not to use.

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One Response to Repurposed

  1. Jeremy says:

    You have an old freezer door as a bathroom door? Now that is something I’ve never seen before.

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